Free Pick-up and Delivery on Repair Services within 10 miles

    10 reasons why you should purchase your lawn mower from Honda of Lake Jackson Power Equipment, following your 1-time FREE inspection:

    Reason # 1:

    Blade Inspection

    Reason # 2:

    Tire Wear/Bearings 

    Reason # 3:

    Compression Check

    Reason # 4:

    Check Cable Wear

    Reason # 5:

    Fluids Check

    Reason # 6: 

    Air Cleaner 

    Reason # 7:


    Reason # 8:

    Spark Plugs

    Reason # 9: 


    Reason # 10:


    Welcome to Honda of Lake Jackson Power Equipment! 


    We are pleased to have you visit our store and look forward to seeing you in person.  Honda of Lake Jackson is dedicated to serving Brazoria County and surrounding areas with the highest quality power equipment available. 

    Honda of Lake Jackson Power Equipment has a staff of friendly, cooperative, and knowledgable people ready to assist you ias you make your important buying decisions.  We have an outstanding service, staffed with factory trained technicians.  We are proud to be the only Honda Power Choice Dealer in the Brazoria area.  Honda Power Choice dealers are among the top Honda dealers in the country.  

    Power Choice dealers are Honda experts, who aim to meet and exceed Honda's high standards in a number of areas, including sales, service, facility, training, and business practices.  As a Power Choice dealer, this dealer is committed to offering you a superior Honda sales & service experience.  You'll find only the best customer service and support at a Power Choice dealer-- making these particular stores the best choice!  Please call us at (888)546-2493 or visit our Honda Power Equipment showroom for the best experiences and prices!